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Parent Input on Student Placement

Parent Input on Student Placement


Dear Glenwood Community,


After thoughtful examination of this topic with our teachers and after researching what other schools in our district do, we as a staff have unanimously decided to eliminate all use of parent input in our student placement decisions. The primary reason for this is that we value and want to prioritize equity.


We want our class placement decisions to be focused on ensuring that all students have equitable access to academic and social success. Therefore we need to create balance among our classes based on significant criteria that we as educators must prioritize.  Individual student needs, individual student skill levels, individual student behavior, levels of parent participation and classroom support, girl/boy ratio, and overall class size are all factors in our placement. Again, this is to ensure equity. We believe that diverse, well-balanced classes are in the best interest of our students.


Parent input is inherently inequitable. Some students have strong advocates and others do not. Some parents have more power and access than others. Some teachers are better known or more popular than others. We don’t want these factors to influence our placement, as it creates possible inequities for our students.

We also believe that legacy—the practice of giving all the children in a family to the same teacher over the years—inhibits our ability to create balanced, equitable classes. We are no longer going to consider legacy in our class placement decisions.


Please note that if you have a need to communicate important, sensitive information that the current teacher is unaware of, that information should go directly to the principal. Examples of this might include keeping two parents apart because of a past conflict, or a sensitive personnel issue has come up and the current teacher can’t know about it, or your child has some past conflict with a student who is not in their current class, etc.


However, this is not a way to request a teacher. This is for unusual circumstances only, and there will be no guarantees that this information will affect placement decisions.


Thank you for your understanding and for supporting our efforts to create equitable opportunities for all of our students.


With respect.



Glenwood Principal


Student Placement Timeline

January – June Enrollment/Class configurations projections for all grade levels

May/June Teachers meet in grade level teams with principal to make tentative student placements for the following school year

May/June Teacher Assignments

August Final classroom configurations and student placements determined

August Class lists produced and posted, with notification sent home to parents prior to first day of school.  


After class lists are posted, no changes will be made.