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Parent Input on Student Placement

Student Placement Process Criteria


The following factors and considerations are used to achieve the goal of balanced, heterogeneous classes:

1) Class Enrollment

 Boy/Girl ratio

  Equal class sizes across grade level

2) Overall Academic Levels

 English Language Arts/Mathematics

 Advanced, Proficient, Basic, Below Basic

 Ability to work independently

3) Special Education/Intervention Services

 Resource

 Speech & Language

 English Language Learner

 Receives intervention services

 Needs enrichment/extension

4) Student Conduct/Citizenship

 Referrals to principal for discipline

 Classroom disruptions

 Positive student conduct

 Specific extraordinary needs

  Relationship with specific students (positive & negative)

5) Parent Participation

 Balanced Classroom volunteers

 Balanced Field trip drivers

6) Parent Input on Student Placement Form

Parent Input on Student Placement


Dear Parents/Guardians,


This letter and attached documents outline the Glenwood Student Placement Policy and Process. This policy was developed with input from the School Site Council (SSC) and teaching staff. I am proud of the resulting student-centered policy/process that is a product of many discussions.


During the months of May and June, our enrollment projections for 2016-2017 will be finalized, enabling us to begin the process of placing our students in classrooms for August. The process of creating new classes each year is a very involved and lengthy one. Each of our teachers spends at least 8 – 10 hours discussing the needs of our students. In many cases, teachers and staff meet three or four times to ensure that each class is balanced, and each student is placed appropriately. The attached Student Placement Process Criteria are utilized in order to create student-centered, balanced, heterogeneous classes.


Because we work as a team to educate your child, parent input can also be helpful in the student placement process to indicate exceptional circumstances. The Parent Input on Student Placement form should include specific information about your child’s exceptional needs that may be unknown to their current teacher. Please do not state a specific teacher’s name, but rather provide information about your child that would be helpful in selecting the most appropriate learning environment for him/her. Please use the attached form only.  Informal communications to the teacher or principal are not considered for student placement. 


Parents can submit the attached Parent Input on Student Placement form

to the school office by the first school day in May.


Please know that we will review all Parent Input on Student Placement forms and will take them into consideration as we strive to create a balanced classroom for all Glenwood students. Submitting a Parent Input form ensures that the exceptional circumstances unknown to the teacher will be considered equally with the criteria listed above, but should not be viewed as a guarantee that your child will be placed in a specific classroom. I have the utmost confidence in the Glenwood teachers to create balanced classrooms in the interest of providing the best learning environment for your child.  Students learn something from every teacher they have in their school career.  Please remember that the student’s attitude toward the new class can be related to their parents’ reaction to class placement. 


Thank you for your cooperation with our Student Placement Process. Any questions can be sent to



Kim Goodhope

Principal, Glenwood

Parent Form for Student Placement

Student Placement Timeline

January – June Enrollment/Class configurations projections for all grade levels

May 1, 4:00pm Parent Input on Student Placement form due to the office

May/June Teachers meet in grade level teams with principal to make tentative student placements for the following school year

May/June Teacher Assignments

August Final classroom configurations and student placements determined

August Class lists produced and posted, with notification sent home to parents prior to first day of school.  


After class lists are posted, no changes will be made