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Sobrato Early Academic Language

What is SEAL?

The SEAL program develops rich, powerful language and literacy in the context of delivering a full academic curriculum. SEAL classrooms are alive with language! Children use high level, complex language to talk about what they are learning, ask questions, make predictions, and think through solutions to academic and social problems and tasks. Students actively collaborate, solve problems, and engage in whole and small group activities as they pursue and construct knowledge based upon science and social studies standards.


To learn more click here: SEAL Slideshow 

What is the Plan for Implementation?

The SEAL training is over two years. At Glenwood, kindergarten and first grade teachers begin implementation in the 2017 school year and second and third grade teachers start in 2018 school year. There are eleven days during the year that the teachers will be at professional development and planning days (on-site). Do not worry! Our expert teachers write detailed lesson plans for our top notch substitutes. We are also trying hard to secure the same substitute for each of the teacher's absences. Although elementary children are very flexible, it would be a tremendous support if you engaged in positive conversations for why the teachers were out of the classroom during the year. 




SEAL Training  Dates
Launch September 12 & 14
Module I October 10 & 12
Planning Days November 7 & 9
Module II January 30 & February 1
Planning Days March 1 & 8
Module III April 24 & 26
Planning Days May 8 & 10
Summer Bridge May 24